Refund policy

To produce a world class event, Starunner Enterprises must coordinate our efforts and plan well in advance, making it difficult and costly to make changes after registration. Medals, bibs, shirts and other items are ordered months before the race and purchased according to the original information provided during registration. As a result, and similar to other races in the industry, Starunner Enterprises does not refund or transfer entry fees. In addition, certain release forms and emergency content are specific to the individual participant. Transferring such information would be a liability to the participant and the event. Due to annual changes, an entry fee into this year’s race does not transfer to next year’s event. This policy applies to individuals with injuries, unexpected business, family emergencies, etc. Additionally, the fee is nonrefundable if the event is canceled due to the threat of or acts of God, weather, war, terrorism, disaster, earthquake, government regulation and/or for economic/financial reasons.


Starunner Enterprises does not offer refunds, exchanges, rollovers, deferrals or transfers. However, we have partnered with BIBSWITCH to provide registered runners an opportunity to legally transfer their registration to a friend or family member or sell it to another runner. Transfers from BIBSWITCH are the ONLY way to transfer your registration. Please check out their website at to initiate the transfer process. All transfers MUST BE completed by February 20, 2017. For more information, check them out!




What is the weather policy?

The event may be canceled due to extreme weather that would cause safety concerns for participants and volunteers but generally will go on rain or shine. Decisions about weather closure will be made and announced through the website, social media, email and phone contact.